Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will I be registered for examinations?

A: You will be registered with the Digital Marketing Institute by your training provider at the beginning or during your training program. Once the registration is complete, your details will be transferred to Pearson VUE and you will receive an email confirmation stating that you are now authorized to take the Digital Marketing Institute certification exam. You should receive the email confirmation no later than 2 weeks following the completion of your training.

Q: I didn't get my Pearson VUE confirmation email, what can I do?

A: The Pearson VUE email is sent to you automatically upon your registration with PVUE. The email contains your Candidate ID which is required to create your account at If you did not receive the email, firstly, check your spam filter – as the emails are sent automatically, they can be blocked by your mail spam filter. If you cannot locate any emails in our spam filter, please contact us at

Q: My login details to PVUE doesn't work, what can I do?

A: If you do not have a Pearson VUE account for DMI exams when creating your online account, make sure that you enter your first and last name only and use the Candidate ID (DMI and six digits) included in an email from Pearson VUE. If your name contains special characters, try to enter their Latin alphabet equivalents. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact Pearson VUE Customer Service.

Q: What to do if the name on Pearson VUE system doesn't match my ID?

A: Please email us at and provide us with the name as it appears on your ID so that your details can be updated on the Pearson VUE system.

Q: What is the timeline to complete the examination?

A: Your exam eligibility is 24 weeks from your training end date which means that you have 24 weeks to take the exam (including any possible repeat exams) and complete your certification. We recommend that you take your first exam no later than 4-6 weeks after completing the training.

Q: What date can I schedule my exam for?

A: It will depend on the availability of your preferred test center. Once you log in to your Pearson VUE account, you will be able to look up nearby test centers and check their availability.

Q: How do I know that I scheduled my exam successfully?

A: Once your exam is scheduled successfully, you will receive an email confirmation with your appointment details. You will see a scheduled exam under “Upcoming appointments” when you log back in to your online Pearson VUE account.

Q: How can I reschedule or cancel my exam?

A: You can reschedule or cancel your exam using your Pearson VUE online account, no later than 24 hours before your exam appointment time.


Q: Is there negative scoring on the exam?

A: No, there is no negative scoring on the exam.

Q: If I finish the exam early, can I leave the room?

A: Yes, most of the test centres should allow you to leave once you finish your exam, as long as this is not a disturbance to the other candidates but please check this with the exam administrator before the exam.

Q: When will I receive my exam result?

A: You will receive the printout of your exam results from the test centre upon completion. The printout cannot be reissued by the Digital Marketing Institute so please hold on to it until you receive an official certificate.

Q: What do I do if I fail the exam?

A: You can repeat a failed exam for another two times.

Q: Can I retake the exam straight away?

A: As soon as your Pearson VUE account is updated with your exam result, you can book a repeat exam using your Pearson VUE online account. The exam retake fee is equivalent to €60.

Q: Can I retake only the section that I failed?

A: If you fail one or more sections, you need to repeat the whole exam.

Q: How many times can I retake the exam?

A: You can take the exam 3 times in total so if you fail your first attempt, you have 2 more attempts. If you fail your second attempt, you can repeat the exam 1 more time. If you fail 3 times, you will not be awarded certification.

Q: Can I apply for moderation?

A: You can apply for moderation in the following circumstances: 1) You failed one exam section scoring between 57% and 59%, you passed all other sections and the average score across 3 sections is at least 60% 2) You failed a section in your 2nd or 3rd attempt which you previously passed. In this case the highest score achieved across all attempts will be considered. To apply for moderation, please complete the moderation form and return to the Digital Marketing Institute.

Q: Can I request additional time to complete my examinations?

A: It is not possible to receive additional time to complete the examinations. All exams must be completed within the initial exam eligibility time of 24 weeks. If you wish to complete the examination after your eligibility expire, you will have to retake the course and be registered as a new student.


Q: When will I receive my certificate?

A: The certificates are issued on a monthly basis. At the beginning of each month the certificates are issued to candidates who passed the exam in the month prior. The certificates are sent directly to the candidate using the email address the candidate was registered with.

Q: I haven’t received my certificate – what to do?

A: If you didn’t receive your certificate within 60 days from your exam date, please go to and enter the email address you used for exam registration. Your certificate will be resent to your email address. If the system does not recognize your email address, please contact us at

Q: Can I receive a paper certificate?

A: The digital certificate is the only form of a certificate you will receive from the Digital Marketing Institute. You will not be provided with a printed copy but you can print the certificate yourself, if required.

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